Per Thor Straten

University Hospital Herlev & University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Per thor Straten, MSc (Biology), PhD

Per thor Straten received his Masters Degree in Biology from the University of Copenhagen in 1992. He obtained his Ph.D from The Open University, London, in 1998, in the area of tumor immunology, focusing on clonotype analyses of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes. He was appointed associate professor by the Danish Medical Council in 1999, and subsequently accepted a 5 year position as Senior Scientist at Department of Tumor Cell Biology, The Danish Cancer Society. In 2001 he was appointed Group Head of the Tumor Immunology Group, Institute of Cancer Biology, Danish Cancer Society. In 2006 he was key to the establishment of Centre for Cancer Immune Therapy at University Hospital Herlev, where he is currently vice-director. In 2019 he was appointed professor at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and medicinal Sciences.

Per thor Straten is Author/co-author of more than 180 articles on tumor immunology and immunotherapy and is the author of a number of patent applications.