Lucie Heinzerling

LMU University Hospital Munich, Germany

Lucie Heinzerling, MD, PhD, MPH, is professor of Dermatology, Head of the skin cancer center and of the Immunotherapy Research Group at the University Hospital Munich. Her research interests include immunotherapy of skin cancer (checkpoint inhibition, gene therapy, oncolytic viruses, biologics, cellular therapy) including resistance to therapy and adverse drug reactions (side effect registry for immunooncology; After her thesis in Immunology at the Charité she worked at the University Zurich (Medical Virology) and at the University Hospital Zurich (Dermatology) and could thus design and conduct several translational phase 1 investigator-initiated trials for melanoma and lymphoma. She received a scholarship to investigate gene therapy in the Angiogenesis Lab at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Melbourne. After working as business consultant at McKinsey&Company she returned to academia at the Charité Berlin as quality manager within an EU-health network. She obtained her Master of Public Health at Harvard University and is board certified for medical tumor therapy, allergies, and quality management. She has also consulted for the Worldbank and for the MIT-associated Poverty Action Lab. She changed from her position of head of Dermato-oncology at the University hospital Erlangen after serving there for almost 10 years to Munich. She is inventor in four patents, has authored 159 journal articles in peer-reviewed journals and a standard textbook on medical tumor therapy in dermato-oncology and initiator of the side effect registry immune-oncology ( which operates in cooperation with the Paul-Ehrlich Institute.